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Indoor Bonsai Tree

Hi, I'm Hina

I'm a life coach, somatic practitioner and Root Cause Therapy Practitioner.


Heal your past, rewire limiting beliefs and create lasting change

We don’t experience trauma with our brains alone. We feel it in our minds and our bodies.


After a traumatic or painful event, our nervous systems learn very quickly to stay on guard for danger - in order to protect us.


Somatic based practices can help you reset your nervous system. You’ll learn to feel safe and relaxed in your body so that you can respond effectively to emotions and triggers that come up in your daily life. 

Get back to the things you care about - and build the life of your dreams.

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Image by Austin Neill
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Being guided by Hina is a wonderful experience. Although the themes that arise can be painful, Hina has a way of holding space so that I feel safe. This work is different from talk therapy and uses one's unconscious mind. Sometimes I do not recall what we have discussed in a session only to report that I have had a profound breakthrough in the very topic we addressed, at the next! Progress can seem effortless, and yet, there are invaluable strides being made within me. I am grateful for Hina's patience and expertise as a facilitator of Root Cause Therapy and highly recommend working with her.  

-Hilary L.

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