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About Root Cause Therapy

Are you experiencing....

-Anxiety and Panic Disorders


-PTSD / Complex PTSD

-Eating Disorders

-Phobias or other anxiety disorders

-Sleep issues

-Grief and Loss

-Trauma of any kind

-Anger Management

-Emotional Regulation Issues

-Addictions of any kind (substance, food, pornography)

-Autoimmune Disorders

-Digestive Issues


-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

-Chronic Health Conditions of any sort

Then Root Cause Therapy might be right for you...

What is Root Cause Therapy?

Root Cause Therapy (RCT) is a holistic healing modality that aims to address the underlying root cause of physical, mental and emotional issues. 

RCT operates on the belief that symptoms and problems are not isolated incidents but rather manifestations of deeper underlying issues that need to be explored and resolved for long-lasting healing.

The goal of Root Cause Therapy is to empower individuals to take control of their lives by understanding and healing the core issues that underlie their symptoms. It emphasizes personal growth, self-awareness, and the development of healthier coping mechanisms. By addressing the root causes, individuals can experience long-term emotional healing and transformation.

Root Cause Therapy uses a combination of kinesiology, and timeline regression techniques to identify and address underlying emotional trauma.

The Process

I help you get to the root cause of your issues - whether physical, mental or emotional. This is done through a combination of Root Cause Therapy and lifestyle coaching (if needed). Our wellbeing is informed not just by the food we eat but also our thoughts, beliefs, and stored emotional trauma. 

When we have too much emotional trauma in the body it can lead to a dysregulated nervous system. This is the true root cause of most chronic illnesses, addictions, and many mental health issues.

By addressing the emotional trauma stored in the body and making necessary lifestyle changes, we are able to truly heal on a mind and body level.

Zen Stones

What is Root Cause Therapy?


About Your Practitioner

Hi, I'm Hina! I'm a certified Root Cause Therapy (RCT) Practitioner through the Centre for Healing. This method originated in Melbourne, and I am one of a few practitioners offering this approach in the United States.


I’m passionate about all things health and wellness. Suffering from chronic illness and overwhelming anxiety, I first looked to nutrition to help with my issues. While I saw some improvements in my health after making dietary changes, I didn’t experience the healing I was looking for. I began to study health on a more holistic level - how our thoughts and emotions affect our mental and physical states. Once I began addressing the emotional trauma stored in my body, I was able to target the deep seated issues that caused my chronic issues. I’m here to help you do the same.

My Certifications

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